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Wind energy

With our high-end wind turbines, we ensure that wind turbines also become accessible for smaller and more local applications.
Our efficient and sustainable model can contribute to a sustainable and cheaper energy supply.

How do you do that?

Our windmills are much smaller than the large known towers. But they still generate a lot of energy.

Berckmans All Services

Our other services

Berckmans All Services is an all-round company in energy applications. From windmills, solar panels to installing a simple socket.
We relieve you of your energy problem.

Solar panels

Solar panels for a private home or for your company?
Berckmans All Services - Laadpalen in Opwijk

Charging stations

A charging station for your home or for your company? Contact us for more information.
Berckmans All Services

Electricity works

Electricity connection? A new electricity box?
Berckmans All Services -Airco's in Opwijk

Air conditioners

Need cooling for your home or business?
Berckmans All Services - Reinigen van Zonnepanelen in Opwijk

Cleaning solar panels

Ensure that your solar panels maintain optimum efficiency by cleaning them regularly.
Berckmans All Services - Warmtepompen in Opwijk

Heat pump

A heat pump provides heating, cooling and hot water in your home.
berckmans alls services - Windmills

Fan out to a sustainable future with windmills!

As a small SME you are aware of the need to reduce your ecological footprint and make your company more sustainable. Using renewable energy sources, such as wind energy, is an effective way to make your business operations greener while saving costs at the same time. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of windmills for your business and show you why they can be a worthwhile investment.

Renewable energy

Wind energy is a renewable energy source generated by windmills. Unlike fossil fuels, wind never runs out.

Cost reduction

Investing in wind turbines can significantly reduce your energy costs in the long run. Although the initial investment may be higher, the operating costs of wind energy will be much lower than those of conventional energy sources.

Positive appearance

Using wind energy shows your commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Showing your commitment to green energy can improve your image and set your company apart from competitors.

Subsidies and financial incentives

Governments and local authorities often offer grants and financial incentives to companies that invest in sustainable energy solutions, including wind turbines.

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